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Letterpress Greeting Cards | May 1 | SESSION A 5:30pm-7:15pm


Letterpress Greeting Cards $65 with JORDAN FERNEY
Thursday, May 1 | Session A: 5:30pm-7:15pm
Ferney Art Studio | 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Attend a Letterpress Workshop! This is a fundraiser for a community preschool. If you would like the price of your ticket to be tax deductible you must bring a check to the event at which time your online purchase will be refunded. All tickets are nonrefundable.

In this beginner class attendees will learn the basic letterpress process while printing greeting cards.

Craft Nights take place at the Ferney Art Studio in San Francisco. In the heart of the Mission District. 766 Valencia st #23 San Francisco.

Light refreshments will be served and all letterpress materials will be provided. Special Gift Bags will be included for each guest

IMPORTANT! Tickets are $65. To hold your spot you must register and purchase a ticket. To receive a tax deduction you must bring a check the night of the event (and the online payment will be refunded.) All proceeds will go to a Community Preschool. All tickets are nonrefundable.

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